Our skin can be irritated by chemical dyes and other artificial substances found in clothing. We also absorb those synthetic chemicals into our bloodstream where they can disrupt our endocrine system.

Organic clothes

Use natural fibres such as organic cotton, wool and silk. These are grown and processed without the use of synthetic substances. Buttons and other elements of the clothing are usually made from organic wood or rubber. The clothes are dyed using organic materials which are much gentler on skin. Not only are organic clothes better for us, they’re also better for the farmers and soil involved in growing the raw materials. Every year, millions of kilos of harmful pesticides are applied to non-organic cotton farms. Farmers involved in production are in turn exposed to these synthetic chemicals as are any animals who come in contact with the crop. Organic baby clothes ensure better health for you, these farmers and the ecosystem.

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Where to Buy Certified Organic

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