Organic food is grown without synthetic chemicals, hormones, genetic modification or animal cruelty. In short, food as nature intended.

Organic meat

comes from animals that are:

  • Raised on certified organic pastures and feed.
  • Free from growth hormones, drugs or antibiotics.
  • Able to roam in open pastures at all times and breed naturally.

Organic fruits and vegetables:

  • Use natural growth products such as manure over synthetic chemicals or genetic modification.
  • Use beneficial insects and other forms of biological control to combat pests and disease.
  • Use crop rotation and sustainable farming methods to ensure the soil remains healthy for future use.

You may have seen images of battery farmed chickens, pigs and other animals cooped up in cruelly small cages, killed in horrific circumstances or artificially fattened with brutal feeding techniques. Organic farmers say no to these cruel practices and other forms of artificial manipulation. By eating organic food, you cut your exposure to synthetic chemicals, help reduce animal cruelty and help spread the use of sustainable farming.

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Where to Buy Certified Organic

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