We live in a world where we are bombarded with chemical compounds – from food, drinks, clothing, cosmetics and the air we breathe.

Over a lifetime, we can ingest hundreds of kilos of these chemicals, putting us at greater risk of diseases, allergies and other health problems. Many of these chemicals interfere with our bodies’ natural systems (such as our endocrine system which produces and regulates hormones and our respiratory system). Furthermore, conventional production takes a heavy toll on the natural environment – destroying the soil, harming local wildlife and causing animals to suffer to create products for human consumption.

Battery farming and animal testing are two stark examples of this. Conventional farming also limits genetic diversity by favouring monocultures over natural diversity, leaving species at risk of extinction. Choosing to buy organic products is a simple way to address these issues.

By using organic products, you minimize your intake of synthetic chemicals, you reduce animal cruelty and you help encourage sustainable farming practices. It’s not difficult to go organic. There are now several organic suppliers for every type of product you might currently consume. Chances are, you just need to know where to look. Join us on Facebook for regular updates and to connect with others that are interested in living a more organic lifestyle.

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Where to Buy Certified Organic

Find out where you can buy quality, organic products to meet any need -from food, to beverages, cosmetics, clothing and household products…